Find Gold, Fight Pirates Or Track Down The Pentagram Killer: Can You Escape The Mystery Zone

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Replacing their cafe with a live escape room, Talk To The Hand now has two game rooms called the Mystery Zone. Can you escape in 60 minutes?

Play Detective

If you’re looking for a few hours of fun that doesn’t involve eating or drinking, hit up Talk To The Hand, in Jayanagar for a game or two of laser tag, to be followed by some puzzle solving, and escaping. We turned up one evening feeling quite confident about our skills. You see, Team LBB is not too bad at these live escape rooms. We even hold records in some places for breaking out quickly!

So naturally, when we were told that there was one easy-ish game that needed you and your mates to stop a killer who has captured you for revealing his identity as a murderer {the Pentagram Killer, no less}, and a more complex one that involved pirates, we picked the pirate ship game.

A Pirate's Life

Oh! How our confidence deflated within the first three minutes. Running about like headless chicken in the dark room which was meant to be an abandoned ship, we were well and truly stumped! So many locks, so many puzzles, and so many seemingly easy clues. Then we solved one clue, and slowly but surely we got from one puzzle to the other, successfully. The good folks who’ve set up the mystery give you four clues through the game, so if they see you fumbling too much {yup, so much entertainment for them on the cameras; it’s embarrassing!}, they give you a hint on the time screen. Just keep an eye out on it, or you’ll miss it.

Escape Plan

Without giving away too much information, we’ll say that this game needed thinking and a bit of out-of-the-box one at that. It’s a lovely change from simple games that don’t challenge players too much. That said, make sure you’re a team of four, at least, for this one as it’s got plenty that needs doing, simultaneously. Our record of breaking out of all escape rooms remained intact, albeit a pirate parrot nearly got us plundered, murdered, and what not! Still, we came out of the murky waters, and lived to tell the tale!


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