This Gorgeous Resort In Coorg Is What Dreams Are Made Of: Luxury, Coffee And Glowbugs

The Tamara


Pretty, magical and far from the bustle of city life, The Tamara, Coorg, is an oasis of luxury smack in the centre of a forest. It’s like Peter Pan’s Neverland!

Of Tree Houses And Treks

Tucked away in the Western Ghats with nothing but undulating coffee plantations, pine and eucalyptus trees and chirping birds for company, The Tamara is blissful solitude. Set high on a hill, all the buildings look rustic and right at home in the forest – owing mostly to the fact that they’re made with natural material. Slanting roofs, rafters, and large covered balconies hint at the Kerala architecture but we find it rather like the house the Swiss Family Robinson made – woody, perched in the trees and alluring! The lavish cottages – 60 in total, are all set beside each other, and pebbles paths will branch off slightly to your slice of paradise. The insides are as modern though, as the outsides are rustic. Swish low beds, big flat screen TVs, power showers and edgy lamps and furniture is what makes up this cottage. And plenty of natural sunlight from the large windows. That also means a lovely view of the greenery around you. Walk on the warm wooden floors and make your way to the balcony and hello utopia! Quite like a platform rising above the canopy of pines, you get a 360-degree view, plus the excitement of being in a tree house.

In The Open

While staying indoors might be tempting, the great outdoors is far more exciting. Nature walks and treks are part of the programme here, and don’t miss it. In addition to learning to differentiate between your Arabic and Robusta, you’ll even be rattling names of winged creatures when you return. From Malabar Trogons and Laughing-Thrushes to woodpeckers and Whistling-Thrushes, birdwatchers will be thrilled. There’s no swimming pool here, but you won’t miss it as there’s a lovely spa {for that rejuvenating coffee massage} and an enchanting wooden deck for all of you whose Yoga sessions are prime.

On Deck

Meal-times here also come with a great vista as The Falls {with a waterfall for a backdrop} and The Verandah both have outdoor decks to enjoy your meals at. The former is a multi-cuisine restaurant, but we recommend sticking to Indian food, and more specifically Coorg cuisine. Piquant Pandi curry and Akki Roti for the win! The Verandah is their unique coffee boutique for those who are perfectionists when it comes to caffeine.  Make sure to have a drink or two at Deck which is their lounge bar. It’s truly a romantic experience with rustling trees, candle lights and glow worms adding that magical twinkle. Perfect set up for a proposal in fact!


Due to the tree-top nature of the resort, and its high terrain, kids below 12 years are not allowed. So don’t make this a family event if you have very young ones.

The Tamara