Tap Into Your Inner Hipster With This Brand's Super Fun And Quirky Bow Ties

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What Makes It Awesome

Bow ties have made a big come back in the fashion world of recent times and with a little help from this online brand, you can take your bow tie game to the next level. Kirimoo has the quirkiest range of bow ties in fun colours and eye-catching prints that are just the pop of colour your outfit needs. Started by a Chennai-based artist and designer, Kirimoo sources their fabrics from all over the country to create unique and one-of-a-kind accessories, that add that extra bit of character to your look.

What's My Pro Tip?

You can check their stuff out and make a purchase through the online shopping portal Unfactory.in

Anything Else?

Their bow ties start at a price of INR 540. The brand does other accessories as well. They started off making cool hats and snapbacks with fun fabrics and snazzy prints. They also make bagpacks that look just as cool as the rest of their merch.

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