Tastefully Traditional Trinkets, Perfect For Festive Gifting From This Art Store!

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What Makes It Awesome

Tarang Arts in Jayanagar might seem like just an art gallery and store, but they sell some intricately designed home decor, jewellery and cool accessories. Those of you looking to buy something Sankranti-related for your more religiously inclined relatives and friends (and acquaintances), can end your search here. 

Bronze sculptures, wall fixtures, puja room accessories and items among other things, the collection at Tarang is great for those of you who are looking to create (or stick to) traditional, South Indian interiors at home. As an art gallery, they have an extensive collection of paintings in all traditional Indian styles, but we’re partial to their Tanjore collection. The range (in artistic style, size, and purpose) of boxes could look like decorative pieces themselves but can be used from everything to holding knickknacks, to ones that you can use for gifting. If you’re looking for gifting ideas, they have keychains, lamps, decorative dolls (which you can also use during Dasara), Haldi-kumkum sets, pillowcases and wall hangings. 

If you’re putting together a gift box for the festive season, also check out their selection of teas, incense sticks, essential oils and scented candles. In case you were feeling especially indulgent, they have jewellery sets in silver, white metal and clay. They also have a limited collection of festive jewellery to adorn idols in the puja room.


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