Relish On These Tastiest Fusion Samosas!

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What Makes It Awesome?

If you want a tinge of taste to your samosas, Samosa Singh is the perfect place! They are nothing like the conventional samosas with stuffed aloo & peas but instead, they've arrayed this amalgam of flavours that give a totally exhilarating zing to your taste buds. I had ordered the Kadai paneer samosa, the chicken Chettinad samosa & my personal favourite, the masala corn samosa. The paneer made into a spicy burji form & stuffed in the samosa. The Chettinad chicken samosa being exquisite, the chicken was fresh & blended with the right amount of spices. Sweet corn infused in a blast of flavorful spices & cheese, the masala corn samosa is the best thing that can happen to corn lovers! The thing that stood out most of all was the Samosas doesn't feel too heavy or oily & one can gulp down as many as possible. A neatly packaged sweet tamarind chutney is given as complimentary that goes beautifully well with the samosas. Each samosa is crafted with love & care, the delicacy arrives in an eco-friendly paper bag & is completely safe to order in from.

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