Fairy Gardens, Moss Walls Or Bonsai: Make This Plant Store Your Buddy

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What Makes It Awesome?

Admit it. You love your plants more than you love humans now. It’s OK. Most of us have made this shift, and we approve! But we have one friend we think you’ll like. Terrario. A lovely space to pick up all things gardening, and it’s all online. If you’re in Bangalore, you lucky thing, they have a store you can go to! They will even give you a personalised tour! 

You can let your green fingers pick up everything from terrariums to Bonsai plants. What caught my eye were the adorable, and intricately made, fairy gardens. Looks simple, but isn’t. I loved that they use broken pots to create the gardens sometimes too. You’ll won’t realise it even! was Oh, they also do zen gardens if you’re looking for some green calm. Looking for greenery with a purpose? How about the air purifying plants they have on offer. They even do medicinal ones, but I don’t know too much about those, so ask the pro and owner, Sarita Bhutra. 

Apart from selling the plants, terrariums and mini gardens, you can get yourself a personalised garden solution for whatever space you have. Landscaping, gardens, moss walls, green walls and even indoor landscaping with plants, they have something for literally all spaces - be it a little corner in the drawing room or a massive backyard. And the best part, it’s customised to suit your taste and budget. 

Terrario has also got you covered if you’re looking for gifting or bulk buying. Tell HR to send these instead of laddoos this Diwali! 


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