Get Major Home Decor Inspo With These Minimalist Products

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What Makes It Awesome

Thabisa in Zulu means "to bring joy", and that is what the brand is all about, with their range of contemporary design-led home products. They curate from select brands and have their own range, which are an absolute joy to use. Whether you want to chill in your balcony on a comfy cushion, have a picnic with your family or even lighten up mundane laundry chores, you'll find minimalist products for all these little things to make your day that much better. Think Hammam towels, eco-friendly camping essentials and even a fun range of pet beds!

We especially liked their kitchen and dining collection. Our personal favourites were their aprons with vintage rose prints, the Christmasy oven mitts and cute tea cosies. If you've just bought a swing, or house with a patio, feel free to use their floor cushions, tie up chair pads, and buntings to be cosy and comfy while catching up with a friend or zoning out. Green thumbers! They even have a cute gardening bag for all your tools. 

In case you're up for a picnic when the weather isn't so moody, they have pretty picnic mats and bags (cutlery holders too, if you want to be all fancy about it!). If you'd rather lounge with your doggo at home, they have dog beds in small, medium, large and extra large sizes. They have cat beds too, but let's face it, your cat will pick that old, worn out cardboard box over anything else.


Their products can be found at Studio Ebony and Ministry Of Sleep (the bags from Linenology, that is), but if you'd like, you can also shop from their online store.