Malaysian Expat Jimmy Yeoh's Thai Curry Meals Will Remind You Of Bangkok Fare

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After wowing us with his kaya offerings last year, Malaysian expat Jimmy Yeoh has recently launched a kitchen in Thippasandra from where he is dishing out freshly-made Thai curries and Malaysian curry puffs.

We Are Curried

We ordered ourselves a chicken Thai curry rice for a weekday office lunch. The meal arrived in a box with steamed rice, a portion of chicken in a Thai green curry sauce and and some veggies separately, which were also part of the curry. One bite into the curry rice and we were sold. This is not a version overrun with too much coconut milk or too much sweet as the Indian versions tend to be, but this was the real deal.

The Thai curry paste seemed like it has been put together fresh, and not spooned out of a bottle available at the supermarket. The curry was spicy and the amount of coconut milk just right. It was redolent with fresh lemon grass and galangal too. The chicken pieces {three to a plate} were tender and juicy, probably this was achieved because the tasty skin was left on. The veggies — carrots, potatoes and Thai eggplant, accompanying the meal had soaked up all the nice chicken and fresh basil flavours, and tasted great.

Rice And Shine

We just wish instead of the regular plain rice, we could have got some jasmine or even pandan rice with the curry. At INR 120, this is a good, filling meal, plus it is as authentic as it gets. Now for the curry puffs next with flavours such as curried potatoes, chicken or kaya.

When: At least a day’s notice needs to be given because everything is made fresh to avoid wastage.

Price: INR 90 for vegetarian meals and INR 120 for  chicken Thai curry

Contact: +91 9686769944

Find them on Facebook here.


Jimmy also makes the fresh Thai curry paste for you to buy to make your own curry at home and he also offers cold pressed coconut milk without any preservatives. Plus, his popular kaya jam is around too.


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