Get Sassy, Bold & Fierce With This Women-Led, Sexual Wellness Brand For Women

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What Makes It Awesome

Ladies, too long we’ve been left in the “hide it” zone when it comes to our bodies and sexuality. Or general sexual wellness for that matter. But no more, no more, no more. As we get bolder, more fierce and finally find our place in the sun, here’s a brand that will walk alongside you. Say hello to That Sassy Thing. Founded by Sachee Malhotra, the brand is “specially designed keeping humans with vaginas in mind, and we’ve got a long way to go”. 

Essentially a digital-first sexual and menstrual wellness brand, currently, the three original products on offer were the sexual lube which is pH balanced and all natural. It’s non-sticky and non-irritant water-based lubricant, and you’ll have a good time one way or another, and the pubic hair oil and period cramp roll-on stick. Unfortunately, the latter two are now not available, but they've expanded and have personal massagers, intimate body washes, underwear detergent and even body washes. There are two kinds of personal massagers. The Lit works on rhythmic suction technology, that works even better with the personal gel. Then there's the OG, which is "made to be used on those hard-to-reach spots that only the most considerate partner would take the time to rub down and reach G-town". See, That Sassy name and by nature! 

The best part of this brand, apart from the amazing products? It’s women-led, and that means the person creating all these products, knows exactly how you feel, and what you need. She KNOWS. She is not a man in a suit making business decisions! Go, shop now! 

Pro Tip

If you are worried about privacy, then the package arrives with no names of the products on the label, and not even the brand name. Just a regular old brown box that has product names like Shampoos, under the name of Huha Care Pvt. Ltd. 


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