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Get Sassy, Bold & Fierce With This Women-Led, Sexual Wellness Brand For Women

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What Makes It Awesome

Ladies, too long we’ve been left in the “hide it” zone when it comes to our bodies and sexuality. Or general sexual wellness for that matter. But no more, no more, no more. As we get bolder, more fierce and finally find our place in the sun, here’s a brand that will walk alongside you. Say hello to That Sassy Thing. Founded by Sachee Malhotra, the brand is “specially designed keeping humans with vaginas in mind, and we’ve got a long way to go”. 

Essentially a digital-first sexual and menstrual wellness brand, currently, there are three products on offer. Sexual lube which is pH balanced and all natural. It’s non-sticky and non-irritant water-based lubricant, and you’ll have a good time one way or another. The pubic hair oil is the second product and no it’s not only for down there but for all skin and hair - on your legs, underarms, face, head (and everywhere in between). They’re just chasing away the ancient stigma with the bold name!  Again, natural, nutrient-dense, super light and nourishing, it’s great for daily use or after waxing or shaving. 

The third product, which I call magic, is the period cramp care roll on. The stick is easy to carry around in even your pocket. So when you’re on the move, but also in pain (you know this ladies!), skip the meds, and use this, by rolling over your tummy, back, legs, or everywhere it hurts. It’s the goodness of Ayurveda including hemp oil, Geranium, wheat germ and Lavender oil too. Each with their own benefits, expect to have less pain, to be soothed where you’re sore, and in general, to smell minty. I am usually sceptical about these, but I tried it, and it worked like magic. I had to use it a few times in the day, but it was really very effective. 

The best part of this brand, apart from the amazing products? It’s women-led, and that means the person creating all these products, knows exactly how you feel, and what you need. She KNOWS. She is not a man in a suit making business decisions! Go, shop now!