Sarjapur Folks, You Have A New Performance Space And Cafe In Your Hood

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A pre-school that turns into a cultural performance space in the evenings and over weekends, The Atelier has everything from storytelling sessions to theatre. Plus, a newly-opened cafe that serves coffee and organic food.

Learn Without Boundaries

Walking into The Atelier, what strikes you first would be its earthy tones and design. Think structures of wood and brick, cylindrical partitions made of cardboard and cane furniture, making you feel like you’re miles away from the bustle of the city. For educator Rythm Aggarwal, the pre-school {founded by her, with its first centre in Guwahati} is all about her passion for education and facilitating an alternate system where the curriculum is built according to the child’s interests. Based on the Reggio Emilia approach to early childhood education, the centre {which recently opened in Bangalore} is where you’ll find tiny tots learning basics like Maths, Science and language using everyday material and objects.

Culture Spot

Wondering what you can do here? Quite a lot, actually! Opening up the space for the community after school hours, they host workshops and performances for kids and adults, as part of The Atelier Experiences. Happening over evenings or weekends, they have already had play readings, storytelling sessions, plays and workshops {a session on dramatic story writing, for instance} by the likes of Sandbox Collective {city-based arts collective} and Indian Ensemble Theatre {a city-based theatre company}. The place also doubles up as a rehearsal space for theatre artists and musicians.

What’s more, they have also opened a cafe recently {serving organic food, we’re told}, with all-day breakfast, pastas, burgers, sandwiches and plenty of coffee to lure you there. Oh, and free Wi-Fi {with time limitations} if you’re hoping to get some work done in peace. Next time you’re on Sarjapur Road and need a spot to chill at on those lazy evenings, you know where to head to.

Timings for the cultural space: Monday-Friday, 4pm-9pm and Sunday-Saturday, 9.30am-9pm

Timings for the cafe: Tuesday-Friday, 4pm-9.30pm and Sunday-Saturday, 9am-10pm


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