The Best Of Bihari Food In The Heart Of Bengaluru

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What Makes It Awesome?

I heard about this place from a fellow Delhiite in Bengaluru. He was raving about this place, and so with nothing to do on Friday night, I found my way to this lovely little food truck serving only Litti Chokha and some delightful variations of the same. Being a Bihari staple, they made the experience even more Bihari by adorning the whole truck with Madhubani painting. As per what the owner told me, the painting on the whole truck depicts one complete story. That being said, the focus was still around Litti Chokhas, and they want to spread this all across the world, and hence make everyone Littified!

Litti basically has a covering made of whole wheat flour which and contains stuffing comprising of Sattu or gram flour. What this food truck has done is that they’ve taken it a step ahead and added multiple variations to it like Mutton Keema Litti, Chicken Keema Litti, Sweet Litti, Chinese Litti among others. The Chokha that they serve is again really delicious. It’s basically made of a mixture of smoked Bengan or aubergines along with coarsely mashed potatoes. The smokey flavour of the aubergines was so prevalent and made it so delicious. There was another accompaniment in the form of a delicious garlic chutney, which too added to the carnival of flavours that this truck brought here. Coming to the items that I tried, the following section gives a brief description of the same:

Sattu Sharbat (8.5/10) – I tried the savoury one, but they also have a sweet one. This is basically like a desi Protein Shake with loads of protein packed inside. Containing cut green chillies, this was nice and didn’t seem heavy at all.

Chicken Keema Litti (9/10) – Never had I ever thought that I’d try a Chicken Litti, but this just blew me away. Not an expert on Litti Chokha or Bihari cuisine, but this is a must have for sure! It had a delicious filling of minced chicken and cheese that just went well with the roasted thick outer covering made of whole wheat flour.

Veg Cheese Litti (8.5/10) – Being a non-vegetarian, having this after the chicken one probably made me relish this slightly less. However, with the great contrast of flavours going around with nicely cooked vegetables, Sattu and cheese, this is a must try for all the vegetarians!

Mr Ancestor Litti (9.5/10) – Costing only 40/- this is what you can have every day! This is the authentic Litti which they serve, and boy does this taste delicious. I don’t have much clue of what authentic Litti tastes like, as I’ve only tried this twice before, but this is definitely the best out of those. Even apart from that, the filling was just amazing, and I literally licked it all up in the end.

There was absolutely nothing wrong that I could find in this place. It mesmerized me from head to toe, and I can’t even wait to go back again and try their Sweet Litti this time. They told me that it has a nice filling of coconut and Mawa, and served with a drizzle of chocolate sauce. Even otherwise, the place gives just amazing value for money, and the serving time is minimal.

How Much Did It Cost?

Under ₹500

Best To Go With?

Big Group, Family, Bae

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