Food For Your Skin And Hair At The Blend Room

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The Blend Room brings fruits, chocolates, coffee and even beer into its skin and hair rituals, blended right in front of you before application.

Kitchen Aids

As you enter The Blend Room, you might just mistake it for a smoothie bar rather than a salon and a spa that offers a range of delicious sounding blends that involve everything from bananas and berries to chocolate and coffee for skin and hair rituals. Rows of creams, gels and powders gleam in adorable mason jars, colourful spatulas peep out of glasses and a blender on the counter waits to mix things up.

Blend It Like Beckham

Owner Aditi Sirdeshpande will offer you a menu that looks like a really cute food menu rather than a spa one {comes on a wooden pizza tray}. A former Formulation Research Scientist with L’Oreal, Aditi moved to Bangalore a few months back and decided to branch out on her own. At The Blend Room, she offers a range of rituals for your hair and skin, that involve blending in fruits and other natural ingredients according to your concern {pretty much like grandma’s tips and tricks with whatever’s available in the pantry}. But in this case, the pampering is taken a couple of notches up.

Pamper Station

Without wasting much time then, I dived right in and explained to Aditi that my hair was rough and dry, needed some loving in the form of moisture. She recommended the Mish Mash, a mashed banana, cold milk and coconut oil mix that was blended right in front of me. Bananas are apparently rich in potassium and retain moisture better. My scalp was first oiled and given a light massage with a mix of olive and other essential oils {to get the circulation going}, then the banana mix was applied as a mask and kept on for a couple of minutes, with some additional steam. My hair was then thoroughly washed with a milk-based shampoo and then blast dried. #LBBTip: You could also ask for an additional topping of milk, fresh cream, lemon, honey, apricots or brown sugar to your mask or pack. Just like a smoothie.

A Face Lift

Feeling good about my bouncy and soft, soft hair {Aditi also recommends the Bubbled Brew treatment, a ritual with locally brewed beer, apparently great for parched, thirsty hair}, I was then led into a separate room where I was given a Caffeine Crush {freshly ground coffee and cinnamon} facial. To get rid of my tan and add a glow to my face, the therapist first started with a cleanser and then cleansing milk {with a brush} to remove dirt from my skin, which was followed by the coffee and cinnamon toner, sprayed like a fine mist on the face. A thorough brown sugar scrub to get rid of dead skin, a couple of minutes of steam, a soothing massage with a gel later, a pack was left on for five minutes. My skin felt scrubbed squeaky clean and soft to touch {with no black heads. Yay!}. I am definitely coming back for more and at the pricing the services are for, they make for a great value-for-money proposition.

Where: Premise No 1, Richmond Place Apartment, opposite Gold’s Gym, Convent Road, Richmond Town

Contact: +91 9820518662 for book an appointment

Price: INR 999 for facials and INR 1,099 for hairicials

Timings: 11am – 8pm


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