These Brownies Are Sunshine On A Cloudy Day And Are Just INR 500 For 10!

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What Makes It Awesome

No need to pretend that brownies don't make everything OK. Because they do, and the ones from The Brownie Stories are testament to that! Started by Samera Kumar, you can order on Instagram, and then you can set up a pick up by a delivery partner to bring you chocolate goodness. I ordered the Original, the Heroes, Pinch Of Salt and a few custom ones. The crowd favourite was the Heroes that was fudgy chocolate chunk brownies that were gooey and moist, especially when warmed a bit. The Pinch Of Salt too was lovely, cutting the rich chocolate with a hint of sea salt. But keep that for the adults. I don't think little ones quite understand chocolate and salt going together. So leave the Original, that is just dark chocolate brownies, for the kiddos, and the puritans! 

There were Oreo and corn flakes mixes in there too, but for me, and the folks at home (what you thought I would eat 40 brownies on my own?), these were second to the Heroes. If you're not used to brownies being a bit sweet, then you may find the ones from The Brownie Stories a tad too much. If not, then go forth and order. There's also Indulgence which is a brownie cake with a layer of ganache, and the Breakfast Brownie that is mocha fudge (this is not too sweet by any standard, so pick this if you don't like dessert to be...too sweet!), that goes brilliantly with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. 

Apart from the lovely flavour, I really appreciated that the prices are a rather easy INR 500 for 10, and that too large enough. Plus, the packaging makes you feel like you've just been given a present. Many "brownie" points for that! 


For best taste, give the brownies a quick 10 second stint in the microwave or a minute or two in a slightly warm oven. 


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