A Small Cosy Cafe Which Serves Fresh Coffee Ready To Be Devoured

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What Makes It Awesome?

TLP is a small cosy cafe present in the lazy lanes of silent Malleswaram. People basically come here for their fantastic coffee, which is derived from the concept of Bean to Mug hence utmost fresh coffee. How satisfying would be a cool breezy evening with your favourite coffee and some cookies with a pleasant mind? The cold Hazelnut Coffee and Espresso are my favourites here. A perfect brew of hazelnut with coffee in the right proportion would just amaze any coffee lover. Espresso has a lighter side and hence perfect.

Then comes the salad, Healthy Mash, it consists of mash potatoes with garlic bread and sauteed veggies which balance one's diet. One hears a lot of laureates about the white sauce pasta and it is true, which although is outstanding.

Super good desserts are an advantage also at TLP Cafe.

Not the Ghatotkatcha from Mahabharata, but a Foodie from Bengaluru who loves to explore www.instagram.com/ghatotkatcha