Slay Your Insta Feed With Red Carpet Ready Outfits From This Boutique

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Shop for high-fashion dresses, tops and skirts at The Coveted in Cunningham Road. You'll even get your own made-to-measure outfit from here.

What Makes It Awesome

If you've been obsessing over the MET gala, Cannes or anything fashion-related really, you will love the outfits at The Coveted in Hatworks Boulevard. Run (and curated) by Kiran Kalra and Amreen Wasim, the store stocks up on imported fashion from all around the world. Think brands like Zhivago, Amanda Uprichard, the works. We went there to check out their stuff and fell in love right away.

The store shares space with La'Kiru, a wedding lounge, so don't be surprised to walk in and find grand lehengas in one corner. You'll be able to tell The Coveted apart instantly, though. They have racks of couture outfits (dresses, tops, skirts and gowns) in lace, sequins, animal prints, silks, what have you. Plus, if you happen to run into Kiran in the store, she will help you choose clothes according to your body type and make sure you look like a dream.

If you have anything in specific that you want to be designed (perhaps the same outfit your favourite celebrity wore), then simply let Kiran know and she will source the fabric and get it designed for you. And if you're worried about the fit, don't be. Kiran will customise everything for you, and the store even stocks up on a range of plus-sized options. The best part? If you're feeling hungry after all that shopping, simply head to The Culinarium next door and treat yourself to eclairs, salads and hot pies. You deserve it!


The Coveted is soon coming out with their own line of clothing, so keep a watch out for this on their social media handles!