From Pawdicures To Leisurely Massages, This Pet Spa Is The Purrfect Place For You

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It’s a tough life being a pet so why don’t you take the edge off your dogs and cats by treating them with a session of grooming and relaxation at the Dog Studio in JP Nagar.

What Makes It Awesome

The Dog Studio Pet Spa is a grooming salon and spa for your all-deserving dogs and cats that will leave you wishing they catered to us unworthy humans as well. This salon provides your regular grooming services such as clean-up, haircuts, nail clip, bath, conditioning, and blow-dry. However, having realized these precious gifts to earth deserve so much more, they have introduced pedicures and a wide range of massages like calming massage, healing massage, bug repellant massage, and pain-relieving massage.

It’s okay if you’re a working mommy or daddy to your baby bow-wows, as the Dog Studio will leave your pooches looking pretty and pleased, even more so than before if that’s possible. You never have to worry about the hassle of tricking your dog into the bath, and watching them strongly resist what’s good for them, as the professional team at this pet spa will make a bath look as appealing as chasing your own tail. The prices range from INR 1,250 to INR 4,800 for full-service packages and INR 1,000 to INR 2,000 for massages, depending on the size and coat lengths of your pets.


Don’t worry if you’re too busy to go down here as they provide pick up and drop services within a 5 km radius on weekdays.