Guava Leaves To Rose Petals: Live Or Wear Nature In Eco Printed & Dyed Products!

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The Eco Vana

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What Makes It Awesome

If you're truly after unique, bank on this rising trend that is sustainable and meant as nature intended! Invest in naturally dyed and eco printed fabrics and products from The Eco Vana! Literally translating to 'The Eco Forest', this Agra-based mindful business uses everything you would find in a forest to create its line of lifestyle and home products. 

What do we mean by that? In every step, there exists an element that binds this brand to earth. This starts from sourcing only the natural fibers like handwoven organic cotton, silk and cotton silk. Next comes the dyeing process that uses ingredients like madder root, turmeric, and other lesser-known herbs like haritaki. We are no strangers to naturally dyed fabrics that boast of beautiful colours in different shades but what The Eco Forest does next is what sets them apart. Introducing what we think could very well be the future of the world of printing, the brand uses guava leaves, marigolds flowers, rose petals and more to eco-print these fabrics!

This results in designs that are truly one of a kind, almost whimsical looking. Their handcrafted silk scarves collection is testament to this, each piece dripping in luxury! For us, it's their line of new cushion covers appropriately titled 'Earthy'. These look fully earth-like (also, duh, it was made from earth!) with a sandy and patchwork finish for texture and for fun, they are embellished with beautiful handmade tassels with wooden beads. 

Prices start at INR 1,500 upwards. Stay tuned for the brand will be introducing more sustainable lifestyle products for your home soon.


The Eco Vana also makes naturally dyed and eco printed unique masks. These are 100% cotton, three-layered and reversible too. The brand makes sure the base is naturally dyed with a medicinal herb, making sure these are great for your skin too. 


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