Yay The Fat Chef Is Now Open For Dine-In & Delivery! Hurry Now!

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What Makes It Awesome?

Yes, FatChef Is Open, for delivery and yeah you had to believe that this is the first time am ordering from them. Yes it’s been almost 8 years since I moved to Bangalore and yes, never tried them before, surprising isn’t it. A friend in my apartment complex recommended that I try, and I was quite surprised by the food that was served. Since then, I have been going Gaga over the recent food experience I had with The Fat Chef here on Varthur Road.

The Barbecue Style Chicken wings were a perfect starter to the wonderful meal, loved the smoky sweetness of the sauce-drenched, delicious chicken wings, perfect to turn any house party from boring to awesome,

The Panko Crusted Fish & Chips, That I Recently Got Delivered To Home was an absolute delight, the whole family loved it. The fish was extremely fresh, beautifully Panko crusted and wonderfully cooked to perfection. It was a good portion with loads of chips. While my family would have preferred the more traditional tartare sauce, But I am big ON for the wasabi mayo with which it was served, fabulous. Maybe The Fat Chef should give an option among the two for the traditionalists.

So when I was choosing what to order for mains for me, The Pepper Steak came up, and it was highly recommended by a friend too. Well, I wasn’t disappointed, it was a deliciously cooked piece of chicken breast in a sauce that was just right. But first, I loved the individual packaging of the mashed potatoes and veggies that made them all the more enjoyable. The chicken packed quiet a punch with that delicious sauce. The sauce was mildly hot, juicy chicken, absolutely lovely mash and the veggies grilled to perfection, overall an amazing dish thoroughly enjoyed and highly recommended from The Fat Chef.

Absolutely Loved the mains and then a special appearance by their Watermelon & Basil Sangria happened. Ending the day with this watermelon & basil sangria was absolute bliss. The sweetness of the watermelon was beautifully cut by the sharp basil punch, it’s a match perfectly soaked in heaven.

I must confess, I only got to take a few bits off this delicious chicken burger, as It was my daughter’s meal, I managed to get a few bites and I absolutely loved it. The patty was very meaty, wonderfully cooked, minimally spiced, perfectly seasoned between the large burger buns. The only downside for my daughter was it wasn’t saucy with a mayo smothered, gooey, messy burger. And that’s exactly why I liked it, there were no distractions for me between the bun & the meat, easily chopped off a few bites without messing myself up

I must definitely mention about the packaging, it was impeccable, with no spills or breakages, simple yet effective packing, delivered On Time, this restaurant is a must-try and comes highly recommend, it’s currently open only for delivery.

More recently ordered their Kutchi Memon Style Mutton Biriyani, Absolutely fabulous Biriyani, deliciously cooked meat, beautifully cooked rice and that masala, fabulous. A really great mutton Biriyani that the whole family absolutely devoured actually took me back to the Biriyanis is used to while growing up in Chennai. The meat was not that, fall of the bone type, but it was just perfectly and beautifully cooked, firm, and delicious. One extra tomato, the Biriyani could have easily become tomato rice, so it was that perfect balance of tomatoes to onions, to meat, everything was just perfect and well balanced, which is extremely difficult to perfect. Not spicy at all, with no visible green chillies, but great flavours.

Overall The Fat Chef is highly recommended in this part of town, fabulous menu, superb flavours, and now that they are open for Dine In, am gonna visit them soon.

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