Shop For New Threads Every Week From This Quirky Theme Wear Brand That Does Tees To Dresses

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What Makes It Awesome

Clothing playlists or theme-based capsule collection of themed tees, tops, dresses, and socks is what The Glu Affair does best. Plus, the brand's collection gets updated on a weekly basis! A fun, young brand that does quirky apparel that every millennial can relate to is what makes The Glu Affair tick. These guys create functional and everyday apparel in limited collections that are timeless, but still trendy. And they cost between INR 199 to INR 1,499. Plus, you'll be happy to know that most of the products are made from recycled or sustainable sourced materials recycled Lenzing Modal and organic cotton. To put it to number, the brand claims that over 70 per cent of the product line comes with a sustainable tag.

The men's collection is just tees and socks; things that largely make up almost every guy's wardrobe. We aren't complaining because we love that the tees come in light colours such as blue, olive green, brown, and grey and with cool graphic prints. Think dinosaurs, Bob Dylan, and our favourite -- food!  Ladies, you luck out on the fact that the collection goes just beyond socks and tees. You've got dresses with pockets (YES! Your prayers have been answered!), flared, crop, modal, tank, and regular tops, and skirts. All of them quirky in their own way; be it with cool prints like Radiohead inspired or with designs such as asymmetrical hems and cut edges.


You'll need to keep an eye on their social media channels to stay updated about their new collection. Plus they have a sale going on!


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