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Paradise Found: Stay At This Billion-Star Resort By Pangong Lake In Ladakh This Summer


    To live in tents surrounded by mighty mountains, under the canopy of countless stars, and a lake view to kill for — stay at The Hermitage at Pangong by Ladakh Sarai. You’re welcome!

    Finding Paradise

    Everything you imagined in your dream, about Ladakh, is true. More so at The Hermitage — a camp-style resort which has yurts {Mongolian-style collapsible circular tents} and mud cottages. Rather ethereal, the space has the daunting mountains surrounding you, and of course the vast and stunning Pangong lake, a five-minute walk from The Hermitage.

    The mud cottages are ideal for those who want to be in the daunting mountains but want the comfort of a solid wall. With typical Ladakhi architecture — low ceilings, square windows and a hint of yellow and orange, courtesy the Tibetan influence, this one is warm and cosy from the word go. That said, the yurts are my favourite aspect of this place. And they start at just INR 3,000. 

    Camp Out

    Yurts, made from a thick windproof material {like the ones the Wildlings use in Game Of Thrones}, are circular cottage-esque tents with all the makings of a luxury room — from four-poster beds to vintage wooden decor, these are charming dwellings. And when you draw open the curtains, the best part of the yurt, is, of course, unobstructed views of the pristine blue lake and the snow-capped mountains. Can you imagine the sunrises and sunsets here? Instagram all the way and #wokeuplikethis hashtag goals.

    Meals are usually at a central dining area where local specialities include momos, thukpa, kulcha {no, not the tandoori sorts}, and tigmo — fermented bread served with stew. Plus, Mexican, European and the rest-of-India Indian food too. Being an eco-friendly resort, they even have an organic vegetable patch, so expect fresh produce.

    Heaven On Earth

    Much like the rest of Ladakh, this too is laid-back. So wake up when you like, nap on the lawns at midday and sip on hot tea all evening. Treks, bicycle rides and seemingly unending walks can also be a part of your plan. The Hermitage also organises yoga at the crack of dawn, that too by the lake — that’s enough reason to wake up early, isn’t it? And then, just relax, few things come close to the breathtaking beauty of Ladakh.


    They have specific packages for yoga, cycling, trekking and adventure enthusiasts.