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There's A Secret Co-Living Space In Safina Plaza And It Comes With A Terrace Garden Too

The information in this post might be outdated


Bang in the middle of many shops and eateries around Commercial Street, and in the nondescript environs of Safina Plaza, lies a co-living community and it goes by the name The Hub.

What Makes It Awesome

The Hub is a space where you head to when you are new to Bangalore and need a place to stay till you settle in. It’s also that space where you want to meet new people, live in a community of like-minded people, or probably have someone do your laundry because you don’t stay home anymore. It’s basically a space that you can utilise when you are tired of the routine. And in either case, staying at The Hub is all about being part of a community that’s a bit more than just living together. You could even check in with your out-of-town friends instead of the PG or tiny apartment that you live in.

At The Hub, you have an option of either taking a private room or sharing a room. All the studio rooms are fully furnished with ready-to-move-in facilities. And staying here (or becoming a member) means access to the community’s amenities such as the three fully-equipped community kitchens and a pantry, laundry rooms, a media lounge, study rooms, 24/7 co-working space, and a 4,000 sq ft rooftop garden! Oh yes, the top garden is one space that you need to definitely check out. Greens and the Bangalore sky are what awaits you there. High-speed internet, weekly cleaning, and the gym are other amenities that you can avail. If you are looking for a sharing space the prices start at INR 14,985, while the private space starts at INR 29, 970. All these prices are on a per month basis.


For your out-of-towner friends, if they are checking in, there’s a minimum one-week stay option as well. The prices start at INR 999 per night.