Almond Rye Granola And Cashew Butter: This Local Label Delivers Delicious Treats Made From Organic Ingredients

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The Huda Bar

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What Makes It Awesome

Crafted with locally sourced, organic ingredients, The Huda Bar’s granola bars, nut butters, and honey add health and yumminess to your diet. Founded by Huda Masood, The Huda Bar started off as a maker of awesome granola bars but in the recent past has grown to include a range of products. The online brand’s star offering, however, remains the granola bars that have found many fans not just in the city but the world over too. If you like to a taste all of the flavours on offer, pick up their pack seven bars (that include versions like peanut butter, chocolate, multigrain rye oat, and vegan). These are great for when you are looking for a healthy snack or need a quick energy boost. 

For breakfast time, you can choose between options like organic rolled oats, barley flakes, almond rye granola and rye oat muesli. Apart from these, you can order up bottles of peanut butter, cashew butter, and almond butter. Do also try their honey that’s sourced from the Agumbe forests. They have recently introduced flavours of honey like fennel, ajwain and raw Kashmiri white honey. Delicious hummus is the latest entrant on Huda's delicious food line!

What we love best about The Huda Bar is that their products are not just organic and responsibly sourced but their prices are not sky high too. 

What Could Be Better

Their product list is limited but the good news is that they keep offering new goodies. COVID-19 Tip: Huda is open to taking orders and is personally delivering it to customers, all you have to do is reach out to her on Instagram.


From time to time, they create special treats and hampers. Follow them on Facebook to keep up with their exciting, new products. 


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