Get Customised Terrariums And Brighten Up Your Space Courtesy This Green Decor Brand

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    What Makes It Awesome

    A single terrarium is enough to instantly brighten up any space with its pretty arrangements. And when you can get a customised one, you've got something to show off. Enter green decor brand The July Store with its pretty terrariums that are made to order and fully customised just the way you want. How fun is that? It's totally fun when you can pick from a range of designs (cylinders, bowls, and jars) and go mad with the mini garden that you can create. You can also pick up the setting you want too -- desert or terrain. 

    We are digging the bowls that come with a desert setting -- the whole white pebbles, white sand, and cactus. You also get with brown sand for that mini Sahara desert feel. Like just greens? Go for the terrain ones that come with succulents, ferns, driftwood, and moss.  It's straight out of a fairytale setting, only smaller, cuter and definitely Pinterest-y. If you are worried about wilted plants, don't. These terrariums require minimal care, so you can get year-round green! Hurrah for that!  


    If you are looking to gift terrariums, then they have a range called Specials. These come with two shape and setting options, and can be customised. Impress your boss on their next birthday, maybe? 

      Available Online