The Lassi Shop On Church Street Offers Shakes And Juices, And A Cute Cafe Vibe

    Church Street, Bangalore


    Looking for fresh fruity drinks and cooling lassis on this hot summer day? Then look no further than the Lassi Shop on Church Street. The prices here are as friendly as the cafe-like vibes.

    Who Is It For?

    Who doesn’t love themselves a tall glass of lassi? Plus, these guys also do smoothies, cold coffees, kulfis, faloodas and more. What’s not to love.

    What's The Ambience Like?

    Actually the ambience is realy cute. Designed like a cafe rather than a traditional juice shop, look out for whitewashed brick walls, hanging lamps, quirky prints framed on the wall and really comfy sofas and chairs. There is always enough place to sit and no one shoos you away even after you have finished your drinks.

    Must Try

    Their Banana and Mango lassis, also their Dry Fruit lassi. They also do thick drinks with Ferrero Rocher and Belgian Chocolate. Health watchers, there’s whey protein drinks for you and they also do no-sugar versions with apple, carrot and beetroot, and carrot apple, and pineapple. And if all of this is getting too sweet for you, then there’s also Cheese sandwiches and French fries to be had.

    How Was My Experience?

    A snack and drinks here cost only INR 150. That’s a great bargain I think. Plus, the fact that you can chill in the charming cafe like setting and don’t have to stand and sip drinks like the usual juice shops. And Lassi Shop is open till midnight, so you can get yourself a juice or lassi any time you want.

      Church Street, Bangalore