Ask-Me-Tees To Pique Your Moppet's Curiosity From The Lion And The Fish

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The Lion and the Fish hopes to fuel your little one’s curiosity with their line of educational tees that come illustrated with fun and informative graphics. And no, they are not boring at all. We can vouch for that.

To The Tee

Don’t we all know about the unending curiosity kids seem to have and the numerous questions they have on everything under the sun? Aakriti Agarwal knows it all too well, thanks to her experience of teaching seven-year-olds as part of Teach for India. Inspired by her time with these children, and by her niece and nephew, she came up with the idea for The Lion and the Fish, a collection of illustrated tees for children aged between 2 and 10.

What’s special about it, you ask? These Ask-Me-Tees come with entertaining graphics that convey an educational fact, all based on Aakriti’s research on age-appropriate learning concepts. So, more than being a cute top for your kid, it is bound to evoke their curiosity, help them learn a new fact and of course, build their confidence. What’s more, it could even act as a conversation starter and let you add to your child’s learning process with more information.

Animal Facts

Made with 100 per cent cotton and free of chemicals, they have two collections of tees currently – African Safari Animals and Under The Sea – with four designs in each. From ones that talk about how big a blue whale is {did you know they are as heavy as a herd of elephants?} to tees that point out that octopuses have three hearts {shown in blue to signify that they have blue blood}, their Under The Sea t-shirts are sure to pique the interest of your kids {expect a lot of questions, of course}. Equally delightful are their African Safari Animals collection, which include tees that explain the difference between a hippo and a rhino or about the fastest animal on land. We particularly love the t-shirts which illustrate the concept of food chain {available in both collections}.


Look out for the information card that tells you about the learning concept on the tee {they come in a zip lock bag}.

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