Breakfast, Lunch Or Dinner, The Maggi Man Near Christ University Will Save You

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Technically called Shivam Snacks Corner, no one really knows this immensely popular Maggi stall in Chikkalaxmi Layout near Christ University by this monicker. Stall owner, Shivam, is known as The Maggi Man {even True Caller says that} and his Maggi and its cheese, chilly, aloo, chicken variations are very popular in this college area.

What Makes It Awesome

Amongst the several busy lanes around Christ University populated by students, there exists a place called Chikkalaxmi Layout a.k.a. Chick Lane. On this lane resides the small unassuming shop that we like to call The Maggi Man. They deliver different kinds of Maggi to most of the people living in this area. While The Maggi Man also offers Pav Bhaji, Roti Sabji, Rolls, Sandwichesm and more, his fame lies in his excellent rendition of Maggi. With variations like cheese onion Maggi, onion chilli butter Maggi, chicken Maggi, aloo cheese Maggi, egg cheese Maggi, mix veg paneer Maggi and several other kinds, the stall keeps its loyal clientele coming back for more. Their simple bread-omelet is also a pretty good start to the day! Try the Cheese Onion Maggi with Bread Butter and some steaming hot chai. It makes for a simple but filling meal.


The Maggi Man’s stall is a basic, tiny space with no seating. The ambience is definitely not the focus at this place. It is the kind of place where you stand and enjoy the buzzing street, the company and food. So take away as an alternative to the standing.


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