Enjoy Exotic Menus From Around The World At This New Whitefield Restaurant

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What Makes It Awesome

I had seen Orbis Restaurant being set up a few months back, with some marketing done by their trucks and all. And ever since I really wanted to try them, and recently I had the chance to do the same.

Though being a vegetarian that day, I thoroughly enjoyed the good food and the even better service. We had ordered a couple of rotis and phulkas with kadhai paneer, Schezuan vegetarian noodles, and a mutton Malabari biryani {for my dad}. The tandoori rotis were nicely done, though the first order got mixed up as a naan, the repeat got us the real deal. The kadhai paneer had a nice smoky punch to it, with the paneer cubes soft and wonderfully seasoned. The second serving of rotis was actually to ensure that this paneer goodness doesn’t get left over.

The Schezuan noodles were beautifully done, a bit too spicy for my daughter, but perfect for me, my dad loved the biryani and I must make it a point to try that as well when I return on one of my non-vegetarian days.

What Could Be Better?

Nothing as such.

Anything Else?

Overall, tasty food, good service, and a VFM pricing!