The One And Only Mango Cider At Brooks And Bonds!

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What Makes It Awesome?

All that comes to my mind when I think of Brooks and Bonds is their mind-blowing craft beer. Popularly known for its Mango Cider, it's a little neat place spreading as a nice rooftop and a lounge, serving some kick-ass fresh brewed beers and yummy munchies.

Situated on the fourth floor, the glass door opens to a lounge with a decent ambience and sofas filled all over. With simple decor, it has a pleasing essence of its own. The place is divided into 3 sections: an open area, a simple cafe-style area and a disco area with a simple dance floor. The cafe style area has some loud music and great for catching up your buddies over conversations. The open area is small yet nice enough to enjoy the rooftop and sip your drinks with the breeze. It has got the rustic decor, everything made from factory junk to construction equipment, giving its customers a unique experience. The whole place is embellished with all that is considered scrap: like metal plates, gauge, meters, wheels, pipes, exhaust fans, carefully curated by our team and paired with complimenting furnishing to bring the theme to life. Rustic tile flooring has been adopted to enhance the authenticity of the design.
Of course, whenever I go here, it's the Mango Cider I order first. Watching the moment the waiter bringing the mugs filled with that delicious yellow liquor is a joy. Every sip has got the rich mango flavour but it's cryptic enough to store the beer. Other than this, Weizenbock and Berry Wit are some beers to be tried.

Crispy corn is again something which is a must try. Corn kernels, fried to golden, added the magical spices, and sauteed with Veggies was truly perfect, for the beer.
Brooks and Bonds Signature nachos. They were one of their kind. Homemade nachos, completely loaded with baked beans, different types of sauces and cheese, was yummy.
Cheese and corn fritters. Sour and crispy, they were stuffed with cheese and sweet corn mixture, and fried aptly and rolled in bread crumbs and celery. Served with Mayo sauce, it was that saviour for your sour cravings.
Baked Mac n Cheese. This was seriously heavenly! The pasta, in white sauce, garnished with garlic bread crumbs, my goodness, literally melts in your mouth. And the bread adds the crisp to every bite.
Tawa Chatpata Paneer. Marinated and spiced paneer skewers, was tangy and saucy and tasted great.

This is a must visit the brewery in Bangalore to experience the industrialized pub, serving hot craft drinks and delectable dishes. Don't miss the MANGO CIDER!

How Much Did It Cost?

₹1,000 - ₹3,000

Best To Go With?

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