Get Your Zen On With This Yoga Store In Cambridge Layout

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If you feel like nama-slaying, The Ostara Shop is where you should be. Rejuvenate with aroma oils, singing bowls and feng shui to cleanse your aura!

What Makes It Awesome

The Ostara Shop in Cambridge Layout is a one-stop shop for all your yoga and spiritual needs. Whether you need healing crystals, pyramids or Feng Shui, you’ll find it here. Feng Shui enhancers like the laughing Buddha, dragons, money frogs and scrolls will all bring you good luck and happiness. Their incense sticks and perfumed cones come in sandalwood and lavender scents. Find a variety of aroma oils here in black pepper, cardamom, cinnamon and lemon essence.

Get your dose of spirituality from books by Osho and Swami Vivekananda while you reflect on your thoughts. Heal through music and meditation with their CDs and sing along to bhajans. Native to the Himalayas are Tibetan Bowls that produce a spiral of energy with many harmonics. They also sell Thangkas which are paintings on cloth (cotton or silk) canvas. Add to the ambience at home with the paintings of Buddhas and handcrafted statues in wood, terracotta and bronze. You’ll also find your yoga equipment here including yoga mats and books on different asanas. By the time you’re done with retail therapy here, you’ll be zen!