Doggos Deserve Treatos: In This Brand They're Organic, Dehydrated & Pawsome!

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The Paddy Paws

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What Makes It Awesome

If you've got a four-legged furry friend, you already know that the only thing they love after you (or as much as you) are treats! And so if you're mindful of staying away from preservatives and low-quality foods pumped full of antibiotics and hormones, so should your fur baby. They deserve and need it! Afterall, they are what they eat too and in The Paddy Paws, they're sure to be happy, well-fed and energetic, hitting all the prescribed nutritional values.

We say this with so much confidence only because the Founders, a trio of dog parents have done their research well. Having consulted only the best vets and employing techniques that preserve and keep the right of balance nutrition intact, they have managed to create delicious treats that not just dogs but all pets would "behave" for! What sets this Noida-headquarted brand apart is that they use only 100% organic meats or veggies, so free of any additives. These are then turned into single ingredients, handcrafted recipes and dehydrated to improve shelf life.

The Paddy Paws deals in Chicken, Fish, Mutton and Vegetarian treats that include packs of Chicken Jerky, Mutton Liver, Smelt Fish, Mutton Ribs, Apple Slices and more. These aren't just excellent sources of protein, calcium and other nutrients, they're full of vitamins, easily digestible and naturally brush your BFF's teeth. TPP also curates boxes like a Chicken Treat Mix Box (liver, chunks, legs, neck, ribs and more) -- time for you to play doggo Santa!


Prices start as low as INR 149 for 80gm packs. The Paddy Paws ships all over India. These meats and veggies have been cooked and dehydrated for safety in consumption.


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