Sugarcane To Rose Lemonade: We Found The Perfect Flavoured Ice Candies

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What Makes It Awesome

We heard about The Perf Ice Candy when we saw their dreamy pictures on Instagram and we were mighty disappointed when we saw they only delivered in Chennai. Fast forward to now, you can finally get them in Bangalore and we are happy to share that news with you. And get you to try them if you haven't already. We tried their strawberry ice candy at a pop-up and we loved how fresh, yum, and very strawberry it tasted. We love are the variety of flavours on offer -- from the simple lime to the many fruit-based flavours such as mosambi, pomegranate, rose lemonade, and watermelon mint, we can safely say that there's an ice candy flavour that you're bound to like. They also have coconut milk-based ice candies in flavours such as Kamarkattu, Pina Colada, and Matcha. The Kamarkattu is caramelised cane jaggery with coconut milk -- yum! 

Starting at an easy INR 30, these candies won't burn a hole in your pocket -- in fact, nothing costs more than INR 100 -- and they are perfect for having it any time of the day. They are made using real ingredients, vegan, preservative-free, and contains no additives or added colour. We recommend buying a bunch of them and stocking them up in your freezer and having them whenever you feel like. 


Bangalore and Chennai folks, you can place orders for their candies via their website. 


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