Brioche Toasties To Ham Dosas: The Permit Room Now Has All-Day Tiffin And Sunday Breakfast

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What Makes It Awesome

Bringing back old-school Bangalore, with some fun-tastic twists, The Permit Room’s new tiffin meals options have paya soup, Black Forest ham dosas, and toasties. Just when you thought that cookies and cutlets couldn’t cut it for you when you needed to get rid of munchies, The Permit Room and Chef Kavan Kuttappa, have done us all a favour by introducing an all-day tiffin menu. Apart from instilling a great deal of hunger, this one comes with dollops of nostalgia too! Kick things off with good old Bisi Bele Bath but with parmesan shavings, and if you like, mince lamb priced at INR 275.

Naturally, you’ll need to soothe your soul and nothing but a bowl of piping hot Mutton Paya soup will cut it. Brothy and wholesome, it even comes with a khara bun. Yum! We plan to skip the egg offerings (such as eggs Benedict or Florentine with hollandaise sauce and Malabari coin parotta) in favour of the super intriguing Black Forest Ham Dosa Rolls. Vegetarians can swap meat for Gruyere Cheese. Leave room for Iyengar-style Brioche Toasties but with beef Xacuti or masala palya. Plus, cocktail vadas and appam and stew. End with their version of Sajjige – semolina pudding served with banana, cashew praline, and salted caramel sauce. 


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