Pickle Your Meal With These Delish Assamese Pickles!

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What Makes It Awesome

Craving for home food? Order piquant Assamese pickles from The Pickle Project and taste nostalgia in a bottle, whether it's spicy chilli pickles, flavourful pork or tangy brinjals!

Nothing says 'home' as simply and reassuringly as a pickle. And if you agree that no Indian meal is complete without a generous serving of pickle, then you'll absolutely love The Pickle Project. Started in 2016 by an Assamese mother-daughter duo - Purobi and Shivani Kagti, the Pickle Project makes mouthwatering Assamese-Bengali style pickles, with both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options.

Purobi credits her knowledge of these lovely recipes to her mother and mother-in-law. Many of them though, are inspired by her own experiences of growing up in Assam. Wild boar hunting, for instance, was common in Assam back when she was a child, so she picked up the recipe for pickling wild boars and substituted it with pork to better suit the Bangalore palate (and also, for a lack of wild boar, duh!). The result? Robustly-flavoured comfort food that also doubles up as a life-saver when there is nothing on your dinner table to go with your plate of rice. If you're not into pork, don't worry. There's a chicken version of this pickle, too!

Vegetarians, no need to feel left out! There are plenty of options for you, too. We recommend the chilli pickle (it's available in both hot and sweet flavours!). They also have brinjal and tomatoes, and mixed vegetables (carrots, cabbage and other seasonal vegetables in mustard sauce). Prices start from INR 130 for the vegetarian pickles and INR 220 for the non-veg pickles. They also accept bulk orders.


Since they don't have a physical store, call or WhatsApp them to place an order or reach out to them on Facebook, and they will Dunzo it to your doorstep. COVID-19 Update: Aside from getting in touch with them on social media, you can also buy their pickles online at gonative.live, only the vegetarian variants are available here however.