Bitter Gourd Powder And Mango & Mustard Avakai: This Online Brand Dishes Out Homemade Pudis And Pickles

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What Makes It Awesome

Spice up your meal with flavours from Andhra and Telangana with pudis and pickles from The Pickle Story. Started by a family from Secunderabad, The Pickle Story is celebrating age-old traditions and grandma’s recipes. So famous are their offerings that chefs and hoteliers drop in from time to time to learn the art of pickle making from them. They are best known for their Allam Avakkai (a spice-loaded mango, ginger and garlic concoction). Then, the mango and mustard combination is a popular one too and if you have a sweet tooth, then, the sweet mango pickle will surely hit all the right spots. Other options include their tamarind pickle, a relish made of mango, mustard, and sugar, and Amla pickle. 

For when you want to spice up your idlis, dosas, and rice, there is coconut powder, bitter gourd powder, and idly karam. Other pudis that you can incorporate into cooking, or just on the side include moringa, jeera, curry leaf, pudina, okra, and flax seed. And definitely try the chilli garlic flakes to add a bit of zing to your curd rice or dosa! Pickles start at INR 129 for 250 grams, and pudis at INR 59. They are based out of Telangana, but deliver through the country. 


Of course, mangoes only come once a year. But if you can’t live without a bit of Andhra heat on your plate every day, then, try their Gongura or Tomato pickles that are available all year round. 

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