Mona Lisa, Sourdough Pizzas And A Whole Lot Of Cheese: So Much Love For The Slices At This Indiranagar Pizzeria

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The Pizza Bakery’s Neapolitan sourdough pizzas come with plenty of toppings and cheese and make for a grand meal, indeed. With chic decor and craft beer on tap, it’s great to indulge in beer, banter and pizza.

Pizzeria Meets Minimalism

It’s not that Indiranagar was lacking in the pizza department (read Toit’s pizza), but it most certainly needed a pizzeria. Answering that call The Pizza Bakery (TPB), a chic and quaint pizzeria came to town, done up with a monochrome theme and Insta-worthy elements. A short flight of stairs leads you to the indoor seating that’s dominated by the two large brick ovens. A few planters lend an extra colour to the space along with the golden cutlery. A balcony seating, perfect for date nights, is for anyone looking for a bit of privacy.

The rooftop space breaks away from the monochrome theme with plenty of greens all around and a huge mural of Mona Lisa. It’s not your Louvre Mona, but rather a quirky one where she’s holding beer and grinning away with a visible beer moustache. Da Vinci might not approve, but Instagram and we certainly do. Make sure to take plenty of pictures next to it. Right next to the mural is the bar that’s got Belgian & German-style craft beer on top courtesy Giest and Saint Martin. Probably get your own beer moustache.

About The Pizza

We love ourselves a good brick oven pizza and TPB’s hand-tossed 11-inch sourdough pizzas are definite winners. Your pies come with slightly charred, puffy crust that slims down to the centre and with all that fermentation, expect an airy, flavourful pizza. Vegetarians opt for the Popo’s Veggie Delight and the Three Cheese Rocket. Popo’s with its zucchini, roasted peppers, sundried tomato, black olives, jalapenos, and home-grown micro-greens along with feta and mozzarella is indeed a vegetarian’s delight. The Rocket favours a creamy bechamel sauce over traditional tomato sauce and comes with mozzarella, feta, and parmesan and rocket-jalapeno toppings. The chilli oil brings the entire thing together and opting for a topping of burrata comes highly recommended. In fact, it’s our favourite.

For the carnivores, you could order BBQ Chicken Pizza, The Spaniard, and Pig Out. The last one features three kinds of pork – juicy BBQ pork belly, pepperoni, and crispy bacon — and it’s really a feast for the eye and tummy with bocconcini and mozzarella spoiling you good. The chicken pizza is the writer’s go-to order with extra jalapenos thrown in the BBQ sauce-mozzarella mix. For some theatrics, order a flambe topping where they set your pizza on fire with some dark rum. It’s one for Instagram and we hear there’s no limit to the number of flambes you can have for your pizza. If boozy and soggy pizza is your thing, then go head! Half and half margheritas are a thing here too!

So, We Are Thinking...

The pizzas are a winner so are the chic and friendly vibes, expect to run into us every now and then. Oh we hear their wings and baked nachos are must-try, so next trip we order them!