Vegetarians, Rejoice! Street Storyss Is Worth Every Penny

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What Makes It Awesome?

Street storyss, this place is one of the best vegetarian places in recent times I have visited after hearing so much of good reviews about the food I made my mind to drop by and try out the food , and I must say it took my heart upon the air I just had a wow moment while trying the dishes here
I am not a great fan of veg food but this place changed my mind and thought about veg food and I can say is that I love to have this food daily.

Coming to ambiance, the place is cute and cozy with the relaxing, calm vibes. They have cute outdoor seating with white decor which is too good if a visit with friends and family.
Great lighting and comfortable seating arrangements for the guest with the best food.
Our menu for the day is:-
Started with some refreshing Coolers
- Kokum masala
- Nimbu pani
- Mango chilli and coconut cream
- Orange kafir lime
All added the perfect flavors and essential in it.
And continue with starters and main course:-
- Avocado mousse
- Bangkok stir fry
- Burmese cucumber salad
- Papad and khakhra
- Fafada
- Thai corn cake
- Textures of egg plant: never miss dish most recommended dish here and thank you later
- Palak patta chat
- Pan-fried dimsum
- Rajma Ghee kichdi: the best till date

- Frozen gilkand kheer
- Frozen coffee malai
Every ingredient went inside each dish was so perfect and good the chef as great knowledge of what the have in the menu and what the crowd likes in Bangalore.
Service was quick and professional, the staff was so knowledgable and guided us in choosing the menu and well trained

I had a pleasant dining experience with food of the most exquisite flavours. Overall I like this place I highly recommend going to Street storyss.

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