The Potbelly Divine : Must Try This Sumptuous Bihari Cuisine

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What Makes It Awesome?

It's difficult to come across places that can successfully represent the cuisine they are trying to. The Potbelly Divine in Indiranagar is one such place which delivers. It's setting up new benchmarks in serving up and bringing to attention, the myriad flavours of Bihari food.

Most of us just equate the Bihari Cuisine to Litti chokha but its so much more than that. I was fortunate to visit here before the lockdown and taste some of their delectable offerings.

Read on to get a decent idea of what's in store and can be expected, if you decide to visit the place or order in.

• Baggia Basket: These were steamed and tempered rice flour pockets filled with spiced lentils and chokha. It was something new for me and a good start.
• Ghugni Chooda: Its spiced black gram on a bed of poha. I liked it. It was a little spicy and had a good kick to it. Topped it with some onions and it turned even better.
• Bihari Kebabs: These were probably my favourite of the lot. Spicy and well-marinated mutton kebabs along with a flaky paratha and raita. You can also get a chicken variant in it.
• Fish Fingers: These were your regular deep-fried fish fingers and some potato fries along with it.

Main Course
• Litti Chokha with Mutton / Chicken / Dal: You can't call yourself a restaurant catering to Bihari Cuisine unless you have this dish, can you? It was delicious as expected and a sufficient meal in itself.
• Jhinga Machli: Prawns in spicy tangy curry along with steamed rice and some potato fritters. I liked the curry flavour, it was a bit different and had a good tangy profile.
• Champaran Mutton: Boneless mutton cooked in whole spices and served with spinach pooris.
• Ranchi ka Pulao: Pulao made with potato, baigan and mixed lentils. It was cooked in mustard oil, which gave it a distinct taste. If you like rice with a hint of mustard oil flavour, it is a good option.
• Being a new restaurant and also getting less crowd due to lockdown restrictions, they didn't have many desserts available. But they had Malpua. And that alone was enough. It had a good taste of fennel and cardamon and wasn't too sweet. Another favourite.

Overall, I came out quite satisfied. It was a welcome change to taste different dishes and know more about Bihari Cuisine. You must visit whenever its possible, or else get it delivered. Recommended.

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