Let Your Old Threads Change Lives And Donate Your Preloved Clothes To A Good Cause

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Get some wardrobe space and a fresh fashion start by cleaning out your wardrobe and donating your clothes to The Preloved Co, which raises money for charities in the city.

Out With The Old

We all know the heap. The heap of clothes lying in our cupboards, some of which we’ve barely used, eating up precious wardrobe space. Time to face the heap head on and give some clothing, accessories, bags and shoes away to a new home. And we know just who you should give it all to. The Preloved Co is a non-profit that collects your clothes and accessories and sells them at nominal rates to raise money for charities in the city. Around for over two years, they pop-up at flea markets and exhibitions in the city with your preloved clothing for sale {so make sure it’s in good condition}. The proceeds will entirely be donated to charities like the Home Of Hope foundation for the destitute, CUPA for abandoned and rescued pups and Suhas, a non-profit that helps children of washermen and women receive an education and a sustainable livelihood. If you have clothes that could use a new home, get in touch with The Preloved Co here. The Preloved Co was started by Mariam Begg, who wanted to run this venture because she wanted to reduce waste, recycle and give back to the less fortunate. You can donate books and toys too by the way. They’ll be resold or directly donated to the charities. What’s more, you can stock up on preloved merch at great prices, starting at just INR 100, by catching them at their next market.

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