Explore Traditional Weaves And Drapes With The Registry Of Sarees

Roshni posted on 25 April


Focusing on Indian textiles and indigenous techniques of weaving, The Registry of Sarees has learning events, pop ups and much more in store. They’re going the whole nine yards!

Beyond Six Yards

When three friends, Ally Matthan {one of the founders of the #100sareepact}, Apoorva Sadanand {her colleague} and Kausalya Satyakumar {a textile expert}, noticed the numerous stories about weaves and textiles that began pouring in for the #100sareepact movement {started by Ally and her friend, Anju Maudgal}, they knew it deserved a more concrete platform. Bound together by their love for sarees and traditional weaves, the trio began The Registry of Sarees {two weeks ago, in fact}. A community that connects weavers to customers, they will have regular events and pop ups, all of them shining the spotlight on indigenous weaving techniques, designs and textiles.

Weaving On

Keep an eye out for their learning events featuring expert speakers, that will take you through fascinating stories about what goes into making a saree, different types of weaves, their origins and other nuggets of information. Kick-starting these sessions, their first event had designer, Ashdeen Lilaowala talking about the dying weave, Parsi Gara.

In an effort to support and reinvent old looms {which is another of the community’s endeavours}, they recently worked with Dastkaari Haat from Delhi along with weavers from West Bengal and North Karnataka. Setting up four handlooms for this purpose, the group recreated the traditional cotton towel, gamcha into a saree with Karnataka’s fading Patteda Anchu weave {these were sold at pop ups that happened in the city last weekend}. And, that’s not all. They will soon be launching a website that offers a curated collection of sarees from different parts of the country.

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