Handmade Cards To Journals: Order The Prettiest Paper Products From This Local Brand

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What Makes It Awesome

From adorable cards to the coolest notebooks - The Simple Joys Store sure knows how to add a pop of colour to your life. The online brand specialises in handcrafted products. Browse through their FB and Instagram page and you’ll find everything from travel journals to handmade greeting cards, notebooks and albums. All of these paper products come infused with plenty of colour and creativity so they make for perfect additions to your home and are great giveaways as well. Their cards come adorned with hand-drawn princesses, 3D flowers and vintage motifs and are unlike anything you see in a regular store. 

If you love preserving memories, then, do pick up their mini albums. Each page of these albums is decorated with floral patterns or with trendy prints. We also love their travel journals that feature cameras and hot air balloons. Their hand-stitched notebooks make for a good buy too. Apart from these, they also stock a handful of decor items. You can pick up trays with marbling effects and hand-painted coasters. Prices start at about INR 200. 


You can shop off their Facebook page and DM them for any special requests you have. The Simple Joys Store is a regular at local flea markets and exhibitions. Do follow their social media accounts to see where they’ll pop up next. 


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