Explore Musical Installations At The Sound Garden In Bangalore's First Music Museum

Suzanna posted on 28 December

Ten-Second Takeaway

Devoted entirely to sound and music, The Indian Music Experience is a spot like no other with a sound garden that is an experience unto itself. With large musical installations that you can chime, play and hum into, this sound park is one you don’t wanna miss.

Good Vibrations Only

An experience like no other, the Sound Garden at The Indian Music Experience is worth checking out if you can’t get enough of those good vibrations. This music museum inside JP Nagar’s Brigade Millennium is still on its way to becoming a full-fledged celebration of music and sound with some last minute renovations going on in the museum of sound and music, their cafe and their upcoming music-themed gift shop. But for now, you can revel in the glorious setup of their outdoor sound garden. With around 11 musical installations, all made entirely of natural elements like stone, metal and wood, these peculiar instruments of music are a cause of much intrigue and fascination. Larger than life, these installations are designed to let you feel the vibrations as you play them, acting as a quick physics lesson too.

Chime In

Some of our favourites at the garden include The Sound Table, a giant xylophone of sorts that you play with a mallet, The Sound Strip that runs across an entire wall that you can play up and down your path to their basement, and the Sound Stone, that is just a simplistic block of marble that also vibrates to give off sound and make music.

Other interesting pieces include the Window Chime, operated electrically {don’t touch this one, guys!} and the Humming Stone, with a hole you can stick your head into and hum as you feel tingling vibrations all over. All in all, the space makes for an interesting experience and a fun time. Take the little ones along as they’re bound to be fascinated by all this and don’t be surprised if it inspires child-like wonder in you too.

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