Add A Bit Of Quirk To Your Next Ceramic Collection With This Brand's Pieces

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What Makes It Awesome

It's the Paw Paw Mug that caught our attention when we chanced upon The Strange Co's website. A simple mug that gets a touch of quirk through the design -- a cat peering into the jug where at the bottom there's a print of a fish. Cute, quirky -- call it whatever, but that's the design theme you find across The Stange Co's entire ceramic collection. You'll instantly want to add them to the cart. Our favourite is the Chef Puff collection, that consists of a tray, a full plate, a quarter plate, spoon, and a bowl. The design? A doggo chef -- we are not saying more (just look at the pictures above). 

Mind you, the collection is addictive and you'll want to buy them all. We don't drink orange juice but we definitely want to get our hands on Billy The Juicer -- it's functional and it's quirky enough to add some pop to your kitchen decor. You can pick up individual pieces or a complete set -- we like the former because you can mix and match. Our recommendation? A cereal bowl from the Bug Me collection, a spoon from the Buzzz collection, and a dinner plate from the Nutty collection. All these pieces are priced between INR 175 and INR 800, with the entire set costing around INR 2,800. So yes, it's affordable too. Did we tell you that they ship Pan-India as well? 


The brand also has a limited collection of notebooks and manual speaker -- it's the one where you put your phone and it amplifies the sound. 


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