Marsh-smile-ows: This Brand Specialises In Marshmallow Based Sweet Treats

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What Makes It Awesome

Sweet, confectionery, Hangover 2, and campfire treats… Join the dots. Yes, you got it right! We were talking marshmallows. Now that we have introducedt them, Hiba, owner of The Sweet Whisk can provide you those pillowy delights to satisfy this craving. The Sweet Whisk deals in a variety of marshmallows and marshmallow-based goodies. All of their marshmallows are vegetarian and you have around 20 flavours to choose from. Driven purely by passion for baking and a knack for experimenting, Hiba offers a range of marshmallows that come in different shapes, sizes and flavours to keep your sweet tooth fully satisfied. 

You’d always want s’more (see what we did there?) with The Sweet Whisk’s marshmallow flavoured brownies, in this case the S’mores Brownie. Fudgy, gooey and crusty, this symphony of sweet goodness will leave you wanting more. If you want solely the marshmallows, they offer quirky yet exciting flavours such as watermelon (Hiba’s creation), strawberry, toffee, grape and bubble gum. Now here's something you would want more and more of, the brand's marshmallow stuffed cookie that has gooey marshmallows coupled with chocolate chunks in a cookie for that element of #SomethingDifferent. We also absolutely loved the Marshmallow Flower that is basically a marshmallow which, when immersed into your hot beverage of choice, dissolves to form a flower coating, You need it, trust us.

The Sweet Whisk starts selling at upwards of INR 200 for 100g of their classic vanilla marshmallows. You can place your orders from anywhere within Bengaluru a day in advance and have the marshmallows reach you via Swiggy or Dunzo. 


You can customise your orders by mixing two flavours from their Double Flavoured Marshmallows list. Bulk orders are also accepted.


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