If Furniture Could Talk, These Would Recite History

    Rustam Bagh Layout, Bangalore


    The Vintage Shop in Rustum Bagh exudes the period elegance and charm of decades into the past through its antique pieces.

    What Makes It Awesome

    The Vintage Shop houses antique-style furniture as well as other home decor that would give your house just the taste of elegance it needs. Walking through this store, you’ll be transported to an era of royalty with their classic mahogany, teak and rosewood furniture. Their Burmese teak wood and genuine leather chairs and footstools are their most popular pieces as it blends simplicity with imperialism. These eternally elegant pieces could never seem out of place in your house.

    Although the majority of their items are furniture, they also sell luxurious marble bathroom accessories that exude wealth and make you want to bathe in rose petal laden milk. Their china dinnerware can be used for lavish dinner parties or when you feel like treating yourself. The Vintage Shop also houses immaculate wooden framed mirrors that will have you looking at the mirror rather than your reflection (same thing, but not really). Apart from this, they also have spectacular show pieces of wooden automobiles, that makes you look like a collector and radiates culture to your guests. 


    If you’re not into vintage furniture, they also sell modern furniture with more of a classic yet contemporary touch. 

      Rustam Bagh Layout, Bangalore