Bohemian Brilliance Is In This Brand's Handwoven Wall Tapestries & Bookmarks!

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What Makes It Awesome

In the ever evolving home designing space, wall decor has found its moment in hoops, art, dreamcatchers and even plates but what we are going to show you in The Weaving Bird is unlike anything you've (and we've) seen, at least in India. Say hello and proceed to gawk at elaborate wall tapestries created using modern loom weaving techniques by Sandhya.

This artist who lives for all things Pinterest-y, taught herself the laborious yet totally rewarding art of modern weaving online. Her genius really lies in the textures she creates using a mixture of yarn and fabrics (cotton, rope, wool, string) carefully woven (anywhere between 6 to 20 hours) to create beautiful lattice fringes and double dowels. This tapestry is then strung on a tree branch with no or very minimal metal embellishment. 

We look at these wall tapestries and are immediately hit with a bohemian vibe, also given that the colour palette is very rustic, earthy and muted. Sandhya says inspiration strikes anywhere from a piece of ceramic to the colour gradient of a sunset at Himachal! Sandhya is also happy to customise to size and colours and is even dabbling in recreating paintings through weaves. Prices range from INR 1,000 to INR 6,000. You can place orders via DMs or on the website.

The instrument or weaving frame used to create these pieces are as rare as the artform itself, so if you do ever own a piece from The Weaving Bird, know that it is special.


The Weaving Bird also makes intricate bookmarks and coasters using the same weaving technique. Sandhya also conducts online classes for those interested in this artform, she puts out regular stories and posts on the same.


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