Bangalore’s First Dog Cafe Opens Its Doors For You And Your Fur Ball

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Canines and their humans can rejoice! TherPup, a doggie-friendly cafe in Whitefield, serves up treats for you and your four-legged companion. Plus, there’s plenty of space for both of you to hang out.

Cafe Bow Wow!

Located at an elegant house with a big yard in Whitefield, TherPup rolls out the red carpet for dogs and their owners. You and your pet can spend the day lazing around on beanbags and chairs, or indulge in a game of catch. Dog lovers without their own pet pooches are welcome too. You can shower all your love on TherPup’s resident pooches. The cute pack includes golden retrievers, labs, and indies. In between petting your pets, you can munch on cafe staples like French Toast, fries, sandwiches, and hot beverages. While your pup can lap up special treats like cookie platters, sweet potato treats, boiled chicken and rice, and whole rotis dipped in honey.


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