Baking To Pottery: Here's Are Some Cool Things You Can Do In HSR With Your Gang


    Staying in HSR but always heading to Koramangala for fun times? Well, HSR is a happening place and there’s there’s only so much that you can do around Forum Mall in Koramangala that’s not food or drinks. Leaving behind the cafes and places to eat in HSR, we give you a list of things you can do in HSR Layout. 

    Go For A Jog And Catch The Sunset

    Agara Lake

    HSR, Bangalore

    Agara Lake is Ulsoor Lake for people living that side of the town. It's a spot of fresh air and green space for anyone who loves the outdoors. The cycling and jogging track goes around the entire lake which comes to around three-four kilometres of a solid cardio session. There's also a kid's play area and viewpoints to get panoramic shots on your DSLR as well as catch the sunset. 

    Play Seven-A-Side Football At Midnight

    It's football season all year around at Kick On, Sweat On football ground in HSR. The best part is that the football pitch is open from 5.30 in the morning and the last kick off is at 1 am, so folks looking for an early match or late night match, there you go. The astroturf pitch is perfect for both seven-a-side and full-fledged game with your squad. Maybe gather all the United fans in one team and play against Cityzens? Or peeps from the Kop or the Bridge. 

    Attend Baking Workshops And Classes

    Love thoseTasty videos on sinful desserts? Oven Bonbons will let you master the art of baking through their professional patisserie workshops. You can start from scratch and learn how to make everything from a classic sponge cake to cookies. You’ll also learn how to make fillings, icings, and other nifty tricks to make your baked goodies look and taste grand! 

    Get Creative With These Hobby Classes

    The Color Factory is where you need to head to for some solid hour of hobby session. The arts and craft centre will teach you all there is to know about painting (from acrylic to watercolour) to decoupage. The classes and workshops are for both adults and kids. Apart from these classes, you can also shop for art materials that are available at the store for sale. 

    Let The Kids Play Around

    HSR's fun for kids too especially for the little ones high on energy. If you have a younger sibling or kids between one and 10 years old, then head to Tumble Town with them. The play centre is spread across two floors and you've got everything from a jungle gym to tube slides and ball pits for the kids to go wild. 

    Get Smashing Or Perfect The Serve

    Namma Shuttle will let you channel your inner P V Sindhu or Prakash Padukone on their wooden and synthetic courts. Show off your cool smashes and serves with your friends, and if you become a regular, there's an amazing community to interact with. Plus, tournaments to take part in as well. If you are thinking about improving your game or looking to rent some racquets, the place has them all. You can even go there solo as there’s always someone in the court, so finding a partner to play singles, won’t be that hard.

    Become A Potter

    Swaa Clay Studio

    Available on LBB

    Swaa Clay Studio is where you need to head to pick up some nifty ceramic as well as to learn the art of pottery. You can attend a five-day workshop where you will learn all the nuances there is to pottery or the hand-building workshop that adults and kids can sign up for as well. You will learn four different techniques and make your own pieces and take them home too.