Rock Climbing To Yoga: Kasturi Nagar Peeps, Here Are 7 Things You Can Do In Your Hood, All Under One Roof

    Youthphoriya, a health and wellness centre for women along with Dance 7- The Art Factory, a dance studio, offers you several cool things to do all under one roof. As a multidisciplinary centre, they aim to ensure that all your needs are taken care of. Yup, from yoga to rock climbing, you don’t even need to hop from one place to the other! Summer, and every other season really, just got a lot more exciting!

    Dance Lessons

    If you feel like you’ve got two left feet and only wish you could gracefully groove to jazzy music or be sexy like Madhuri Dixit while dancing to Ghaghra, Dance 7 has got you covered. With their belief that everyone is a dancer, you’re sure going to discover your right foot with them. B-Boying, Bollywood, belly dancing, break dance, contemporary, hip-hop, locking and popping, salsa, or Zumba are all the dance forms you can choose from. Want to hear something cool? They take part in reality shows and also dance for movies. So just maybe you could get to be an extra dancer in a movie set! The courses are certified, and they have three classes a week.

    Prices: INR 1,500 for kids and INR 1,800 for adults.


    If you plan to get back on track of your 2010 summer bod plans, this year, hit the gym here to burn all those calories and get an inspiring work out! While the gym is open to every one, there are special womens’ only timings from 6am to 9am. With great workout plans, a variety of equipments and the extremely motivating trainers, you’ll be looking forward to sweating it out everyday.

    Organic Store And Cafe

    You’re bound to feel hungry after an exhausting fitness session. Head to this cafe and you don’t even need to worry about putting junk into your body as everything is 100 per cent organic, they say. You can choose to have organic fresh raw juices, Ayurvedic health drinks, smoothies, soups, salads, sandwiches, fresh dips, an assortment of green teas or some south indian specialities like idli and vada. You could also chose to pick up some organic groceries from the store and head back home to whip something up yourself.

    Yoga Classes

    If mental fitness is as important to you as physical, Yoga is your saviour. Improve your breathing, flexibility, stamina, immunity and fitness with yoga classes at Youthopiya. Apart from separate yoga sessions for kids, women and men, they also have mixed classes. They happen everyday so it’s pretty much convenient to suit everyone’s schedule. Two sessions happen at 6am – 7am and 7am – 8am, as it is said that yoga is best done in the early hours of the morning.

    Price: INR 2,200

    Circuit Training

    For all you busy bees who look to cramp in a quick workout in that one free hour you get, sign up for some high intensity interval training with the circuit training classes here. With personal attention from the trainers and a motivating group of work out buddies, feel the blood rushing, sweat dripping, muscle strengthening and body getting toned.

    Rock Climbing

    Summer, winter or rain, if you can’t make it to the great outdoors, take the children and hit the climbing wall here. Ideal for kids to try out fun, new things, be active and learn something they’re going to enjoy. These energising sessions will improve your child’s stamina and concentration, so send them in here to get a break from video games and movies, and climb some rocks and make friends.

    Painting Classes

    Apart from fitness activities, they also have classes to bring out the creative side in you and your children. The painting classes for children is the perfect way to let your child go mad with colours and create something you can proudly hang up on your wall. These short sessions are worth the money you spend on it and the time your child puts in as it would teach them something new, and they’re going to make some friends in the process.