Order Away Top Notch Gourmet Food From The Nosh House!

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I had heard a lot about this place and decided to order food for lunch from them last week. They work on a delivery-only model. The delivery was timely and the packaging was excellent. It was spill-proof and well-packaged.

What did I order:

1. Mixed berry smoothie – This was a refreshing drink with a blend of banana and berries. Loved the taste and consistency.
2. Spicy Asian Pizza – I have never tasted a pizza so delicious. Asian flavours in a pizza are unique and give it a zing. Must try
3. Grilled Lemon Cottage Cheese Wrap with Spicy Garlic Sauce – This wrap was stuffed with cottage cheese and had a great flavour.
4. Palak Paneer Kofta Buddha Bowl – My absolute favourite. This bowl is all things tasty. The koftas are soft and flavorful. The Palak gravy was creamy and delicious. It also had rice and tandoori gobi. Must try
5. Spinach Garlic and Cream Cheese Pasta – One can never go wrong with this pasta. It is perfect in terms of taste and texture.
6. Brownie Waffles – Again a must try. It combines the goodness of brownie with waffles and served with a chocolate sauce and caramelized walnuts.

This place is top-notch in terms of delivery and good quality food. Pricing is consistent with the portions that they serve.

They also have some all-day breakfast options.

You can go ahead and order your favourite meal from them without thinking twice. They have got a loyal customer in me now.

Overall verdict – Highly recommended

A foodie at heart