Flavour Your Food With This Healthy And No Bitterness Bitter Gourd Powder!

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Bitter gourd powder

Hasini who hails from proddatur - a small town in Andra Pradesh happens to be an entrepreneur who owns a brand called RDP food products, basically excels in making lip-smacking bitter gourd powder. Of course, I'm sure you guys would have taken aback when I mentioned ' bitter gourd. However, she is here to break all these kind of perspectives

I would say she has succeeded with her belief of 'change the perspective of the consumer, instead of going by consumer's perspective. Yes, It tasted super good and you would definitely not get the bitterness flavour. The aroma itself makes you drool over it and I personally relished the taste in each and every bite with fried bitter gourd pieces here and there with tangy, spicy and little sweet flavour

Also, there are quite a lot of health benefits on consuming this. It goes well along with white rice, chapati/poori, upma, poha, roti. Price for the quantity is commendable, 100gms is sold with proper packing which has a zip locking system

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